Wubb Girlz' Adventures Wiki

Ariel Phantom Lotiz is a new addition to the Wubb Girlz. She is Shine's secret lover, though some people are a little wary of her faithfulness because she is half succubus and half human, born as the daughter of an incubus and a human. However, contrary to popular belief, Ariel is actually very friendly once you get to know her, and she will stick by those she loves no matter the cost.


Ariel was born in an unspecified time in the 19th century. Her mother, a french woman living on the streets, was courted by an incubus, and shortly after, a baby girl was born. However, the baby was born with bat wings. The world was not yet aware of the supernaturals and her mother was so disgusted by her child's abnormalities that she threw her infant daughter out into the streets to die.

However Ariel didn't die; she taught herself to crawl on her first day of life, an she managed to make it to the Paris opera house before collapsing of exhaustion. It was there that a mysterious man known as the Phantom of the Opera discovered her after hearing her cries. He was moved by her, and he took pity in her seeing that she was 'deformed' as he was; he wore half a white mask to conceal the hideous deformity that covered half of his face. the Phantom took her in and raised her as his own daughter.