Wubb Girlz' Adventures Wiki

Ruby Mae "Gradient" Huggins Ortiz is a member of the Wubb Girlz and an adoptive member of the Ortiz family. She is a backup dancer for the band, and goes by Gradient on stage. Due to her young age, she only tours during summer or holiday breaks! She also does solo work.


Ruby spent her early childhood enrolled into Madame Zabinga's ballet class, as well as gymnastics, allowing her to be good in her main asset. She met Daizy a little later, who she became best friends with. After 'Wubb Idol' took place and the huge growth of the girl band, Daizy suggested she auction. Nervous, but determined to put her asset into good use, she auctioned and was successfully recruited as a backup dancer!

Underneath her schooling and success, was a dire family she had to turn to after classes or tours. Touring with the Wubb Girlz only allowed her to grow closer with them. Gradient soon opened up to Shine one day, as she was on the boot. Shine, wanting the best for all, invited Gradient into the Ortiz family, which she gladly accepted!


Ruby, underneath her stage personality, is a shy, but friendly girl. She likes to make others happy, and enjoys playing with friends Wubbzy, Widget, and Daizy! Her stage personality consists of a cheerful and energetic, but smug Gradient!

Her stamina is lengthy, and she is very graceful on her feet when it comes to dance! Her voice is pitched, almost like a cats.


Ruby has light blue skin. her hair length can vary from long to short, and can be a monotone blonde or ombre from blonde to pink, she may style it up or down with a pink bow. On tour, she wears the basic Wubb Girlz attire, her symbol is a little star (not representing anything). Off tour, she wears an white-and-pink striped pattern dress with a ribbon around the waist, with pink slippers to match!