Ruby Mae "Gradient" Huggins Ortiz is a member of the Wubb Girlz and an adopted member of the Ortiz family. She is a backup dancer for the band, and goes by Gradient on tours.


Ruby spent her early childhood enrolled into Madame Zabinga's ballet class, as well as gymnastics. She met Daizy in ballet class, who thought Ruby was good enough to audition for the Wubb Girlz as a dancer. Ruby was nervous, but went with her idea. Before she knew it, she was accepted as an back up dancer! Due to her age and schooling, she is only allowed on tours during holidays or summer breaks.

Touring made Gradient grow closer with the Wubb Girlz. She opened up about her bad family life. Shine, wanting the best for all, adopted Gradient as a sister into the Ortiz family. Gradient gladly accepted, and is now an adopted sister of the Ortiz family.


Gradient started out as a shy little girl. When around those she trusted, she feels comfortable enough to be herself. Thanks to touring, she feels like she can be herself comfortably even around strangers! You can say she has grown a bit of an ego.


Gradient has light blue skin, her hair is shoulder-length and is colored from a blonde to pink gradient. She commonly wears the Wubb Girlz attire which consists of a pink shortsleeved shirt with a purple belt around the waist, which reveals a pink skirt at the bottom. She also wears purple leggings, which reveal only a little bit of her legs before ending in pink high-heeled boots. On her boots and shirt are diamonds.

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