Wubb Girlz' Adventures Wiki

Kaitlyn's Wubb Girl form

Kaitlyn is the most recent addition to the Wubb Girlz' family; she's an aunt to Shine, Shimmer, Sparkle Michael and Sprinkles. On top of that, she's also the Wubb Girlz' new manager.


Kaitlyn is a kind-hearted woman. She is very protective to Shine, Sparkle, Shimmer Michael and Sprinkles. She'll do anything to keep them safe from danger. Kaitlyn also bites when she needs to. Other than that, she is a very lovable woman.

Physical Apperance

Kaitlyn has four physical forms; Alicorn, Wubb, Equestria Girl and T.U.F.F. Below are the descriptions of each form:

  • Wubb form: 6'1 tall, blue-skinned, black eyes, pink, shoulder-length hair. 
  • T.U.F.F. form: 5'1, Short brown hair; tan fur, blue eyes, always goes around barefoot
  • Equestria Girls form: 6'1, tan skin, brown cowgirl hat, brown hair tied off in a ponytail, green eyes
  • Alicorn form: 8'2, tan fur, brown mane and tail, large wings, green eyes.


Being a manager of the Wubb Girlz, Kaitlyn's attire consists a red T-Shirt with a white heart in the center, the T-Shirt is pulled down to her thighs. She has a white belt around the waist. She wears dark red pants, with white boots. She also has a pink wig to protect her idenity from Glitter

In other words; She wears a green T-Shirt, along with short jeans. Also, her hair is brown and is kept in a pink headband.