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Kitty Katswell

Kitsandra 'Kitty' Katswell is a yonng Kats that works for

TUF, Shes a Porud Aunt of Michel and Shine


Her first appearance was in "Good parto Faery". Her next appearance was in an episode of "Kitty Katswell's Adventures of The Galaxy Railways". Her more recent appearance was in "Kitsandra Katswell's Adventures of Sleeping Beauty". She is slated to appear in the upcoming video-fanfic, "Sleeping Dannirella", as Merriweather, with Shine and Sparkle as Flora and Fauna, respectively.


Kitty is defined as kind Agent in the world.. Like Shine, Glitter and Sparkle and Shimmer, she never gives up on her Family and friends, no matter how bad a situation can seem at times.


Kitty weres spashle Spy jumpsuit, wit whitegloves and boots and a Black dress with whie boots.