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Laia's Lioness form

Laia is the one of the youngest Ortiz sisters next to Glitter, one of the main progtagonist of Wubb Girlz' Musical Mysteries 


Laia was kidnapped by a creature known as "The Shadow" when she was a infant and place in a unknown land, but she was found by a mare named Vik, and Vik took Laia in and looked after her.

During her teenage years, Laia discovered that she had spiecal abilities, and choosen to use them if she needs to. 

A few years later, when Laia became a adult, she fainally found by her sister, Shine, after a long talk about their family, Laia went to live with her sisters and become a new member of the Wubb Girlz.

Laia became the adoptive mother of Layla, and soon fell in love with a mare named Bella, and started dating her. 


Laia is very shy and sometimes nevous, althought had a big heart and loved her family, and is the only one of her family to be a lesbain.