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Layla Destiny is the Supreme Commander of both SDF (Space Defense Force) and SPG (Space Panzer Grenadiers). She appears in both seasons of Galaxy Railways. She acts like a compassionate motherly figure to all platoons that run the Galaxy Railways, especially to Manabu Yuuki, the series' main protagonist. She reappears as herself in "Kitsandra Katswell's Adventures of the Galaxy Railways".


Layla has a noble, caring and compassionate heart. She cares for everyone in each platoon of the SDF. She's also taken Manabu under her wing. She admires the lad and wants him to fulfill his own destiny. She is also seen as a potential love interest to Hiro, an old friend of Wataru Yuuki, the late captain of the Sirius Platoon. When Wataru sacrificed himself, she comforted Hiro during his time of grieving.