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Mirabella with her boyfriend, Edwin Harley.

Mirabella is a beautiful blue octomaid and believe it or not: she has eight legs literally! She is also set to debut in the crossover film "Wubb Girlz' Adventures of Thomas and the Magic Railroad".


She may be a little weird but she's also very kind, calm, as smart as Blossom and had a huge family her species and they're all good-hearted and wealthy too. She likes to paint and read to pass some of the time, she is also a good doctor sometimes. She's never a damsel in distress because if a villain aims on getting her, she just simply pull up her skirt a little revealing her eight legs to scare that villain away which her legs can also save her life. That's why she always wears long dresses although she looks very pretty in long dresses. Gordon sometimes watches over her like a guardian and Mirabella watches over him too. She’s the only one who can handle Mr. Herriman as easy as pie since she’s very polite, well-dressed, well-mannered, neat and in fine working order.

Mirabella is also the motherly figure to Glitter, the youngest and shyest of the Wubb Girlz.