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Shine in one of her many forms.

Shine Elizabeth Ortiz is the lead singer in the Wubb Girlz, Wubb Lionessez and Wubb Poniez and the main protagonists in the "Wubb Girlz' Adventures" series. 


She is the brains of the 4 sisters; she also has a great deal of responsibility as well; being the oldest of the Wubb Sisters comes with its own rewards though. So far, only three out of the four sisters have special powers; Shine is a songstress, meaning whatever she sings about, becomes reality. Shimmer is able to manipulate dance movements into reality or fantasy sequences. Twinkle has Ice powers. It is currently unknown what Glitter and Sprinkles's special power is.


Shine is a very kind-hearted and beautiful young woman. She never gives up on her sisters and friends, no matter how bad a situation can seem at times. She's the one her sisters always come to for advice or comfort when they need it the most. All and all, Shine's a wonderful songstress, as well as a great friend. She can't wait to come back for more adventures in movies and television series.


Shine is being the main leader of the Wubb Girlz. she has long growing blonde hair. her main attire consists of a glowing black leather jacket that's opened up to a view of her pink glowing short-sleeved shirt with a glowing purple belt around the waist, which reveals a growing pink skirt at the bottom. She also wears purple leggings that glow, which reveal only a little bit of her legs before ending in pink glowing high-heeled boots. On her glowing shirt she has a symbol of a star and she has little stars on her boots. She wears pink glowing sweat bands.