Sparkle Ortiz
is the official third member of the Wubb Girlz. She is now a former member of The Dazzlings


Sparkle is a young but kind woman who has a lot to learn. Sparkle loves her Wubb Family. She is the third singer of the wubb girlz. Sparkle is a well meaning woman but sometimes she can be some what troublesome, To say she is a bad woman would be unfair. Sparkle never meant to hurt anyone and she always make up for what she did. But a long and hard time of singing in the spotlight along with a troubled childhood did take its toll on her. All in all Sparkle is a wonderful Wubb Girl and she will be always loved by her family.

Reformed Edit

Sparkle called Shine a 'jinx' for having two of her cousins dying. This lead to being kicked out of the group and later attacking Shimmer who now fully recovered. Sparkle went to a church and our holy Lord saw the good in side her. When she came back, Shine forgave her and everyone else did too.

Gallery Edit

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