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Twinkle's Official Design

Twinkle 'Anarchy' Ortiz--- a Wubb Girl with the guts to say whatever she wants, even if it's mean or not. She is probably the only one of Shine's sisters that has such an attitude.


Apparently, Twinkle hasn't made any appearance yet . She didn't appeared in "Wubb Idol" also, same as Sprinkles and Glitter.


Rude, sassy, and sarcastic. That's what she's often described as. But when you get to know her better, she can be a bit nice to you, but she'll mostly say things in a harsh tone, even if it's a compliment. Her bite is worst than her bark. The only people she's nice to are her family. She can be quick to anger.


Of course, she's a Wubb Girl after all, that means she has a pink shortsleeved shirt with a purple belt around the waist, which reveals a pink skirt at the bottom. She also wears purple leggings, which reveal only a little bit of her legs before ending in pink high-heeled boots. Her boots and shirt shows four-pointed stars and are not diamonds (keep that in mind please), Twinkle wears gloves just like Sparkle, but are pointed gloves. (Picture coming soon) . She has now a medium-wavy hair that is dark pink. With some of her hair in a circle-shaped hair pin.


- Her voice actress (or voiceclaim) is Sarah Anne Williams (Jinx's voice from League of Legends)

- She spends most of her time stargazing

- She's much more interested in rock than pop

- In her school, she is called a 'homewrecker' because of her ruining other students' relationships causing the students' to break up. Her first victims were a girl dating her ex (which she's still friends since now) since she was a gold-digger. Ever since then, she likes ruining people's relationships. She is now an expert at that.

- She's only gonna break up two people if necessary. But sometimes, she gets bored and just wanna have some fun.

- Seems to be impossible to scare.

- Sometimes hugs make her uncomfortable.